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Luc Fierens &. Annina Van Sebroeck

Luc Fierens is one of the most active mail-artists / visual poets in Belgium and these pages give some information about his activities,artworks,ideas, archive & upcoming projects.



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Copyright materials: Annina Van Sebroeck & Luc Fierens (f/k/a Mr.Luce )

-since1982- Mechelen- Weerde BELGIUM 

We are artists  active in the International Eternal Network participating/working with mail-art, collages, artists'books/ kunstenaarsboeken/artist'publications, visual poetry / visuele poëzie / poesia visiva (la lotta poetica continua...) , 

fluxism, on-line social networks (f.e. fluxlist, facebook and flickr)  etc..

"Luc Fierens lives in Belgium, centrally networked into a vast web...... and with visual poets working in the area of collage writing" (Anabasis - Leftwich 2004) "

 "Luc Fierens is an active mail-artist since 1984, when he began delivering his distinctive flavor of poesia-visiva-inspired visual poetry to individuals, exhibitions, and archives around the planet. 

His method of production is collage, a particular brand of verbo-visual collage that makes it points by abrupt collocations of disparate fragments of image and word. " (Geof Huth 2007)"

participating in various unjuried collective exhibitions around the world 

(for Luc : + / - 2600 participations from 1984-2009) ,contact them via snailmail :



Galgenberg 18

B-1982 Weerde


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